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The InterBike Cycling Team was founded in 1997 with only a handful of members to promote and participate in amateur racing and leisure cycling throughout the United Kingdom. We have members of all ages and abilities based all over the United Kingdom and Belgium. The jersey can be seen in most British Cycling, RTTC, LVRC, TLI, Audax and Randonneur events. Our members range from the occasional leisure cyclist to the super keen racer.

In 2008 we joined forces with Lotto Olympia Tienen in Belgium, who are one of the founders of the Flemish cycling school, to be able to give young British riders some continental racing experience. Lotto Olympia Tienen are a progressive team who help to provide experience and advice for races and opportunities for our InterBike youngsters to compete in continental races.

Cycling is growing vastly in this Country. Unlike other sports, cycling is a very close community. It is important to notice that sports organisations are helping to keep children interested in something and keeping them off the streets. It is fantastic to have a hobby at any age. Challenge yourself and stay motivated in a cycling team. You can enjoy the sport you love with people who share the same interests.

Our British side of the team are a mixture of leisure to racing cyclists with a membership spread all over the UK. However, the core based in Essex meet at the InterBike shop every week to go out training together.

So far in his history InterBike has won National and Regional medals, titles, stages, jerseys and leagues in the UK and Europe. It is, however, not only about participating in races but we also organise races, club runs, training camps and trips to charity and other rides.


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