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2013 JSM Startsheet

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Chief Commissaire: Malcolm Putman

Commissaires Drivers Ali Stoddart and Trevor Ormes

Lead car 1 Driver  Mark Thomsett , Assistant Phil Jarvis

Lead car 2 Driver Alan Lawrence, Assistant Russell Ford

Medic Driver Rob Muir

Medic Gerhard Robbertse

Service Car 1 Grant Phillips, Assistant Jeff Wharton

Service Car 2 Roger Mills, Assistant Ken Carter



Chief Marshal Tom Starmer

Alan Marshallsay

Annette Smith

Barry Mcdonald

Chris  Denny

Cilla Whenman



Frazier Woods

Gary Eldred

James Wylie

Jim Whenman

Karen Moorhouse

Kevin Jeffries

Malcolm Putman

Mark Lister



Sarah Wylie

Simon Dawe

Toni Hurrell & friend

Tony Shephard



Updated 02/09/13


2013 RR Results

Accredited Marshals

Dave Hales     (chief Marshal) Abberton Junction

Peter Barnes  Layer Fox Cross Roads

Mat Cowan    Layer Fox Cross Roads

Jim Gould    Gt Wigborough turn

Ian Doe       Hare & Hounds Pub Turn

Don Keen    Layer Road Junction

Doug Williams  Gt Wigborough turn

Steve Wood   Hare & Hounds Pub Turn

Dave Nock    Abberton Junction 

Ray Skipper  Layer Road Junction

NEG Riders

Rider 1 Paul Brown

Rider 2 Dave Schindler

Rider 3 Phil Richardson


Signing on:  Ray Ricks, Toni Hurrell , Stan

Chief judge: Tom Starmer

Judges:   Douglas, James Brett

Finish Camera: Knocker Shields

Finish Commissaire: Tom Starmer

Signage: James Brett, Dougy Allen

Race Commentator: Michael Humphries

Race photographers: Martin Orpen, Steven Sebborn

Race Organiser: Nickie Schils, VeloSchils InterBike RT

Thanks to everyone that made this event possible and apologies to the helpers and supporters we possibly forgot to mention.

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