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Changing rooms - Prize presentation.


London Road, Colchester  Essex CO6 1DU  Telephone: 01206 210001 Fax: 01206 212167


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 45 London Road, Marks Tey. CO6 1EB.  Telephone: 01206 210 972 (100m from the Marks Tey Hotel)

Signing on starts 12.45, closes 13.40

 Race briefing in the Marks Tey Hotel Car Park at 13.50

2pm Neutralized start


Updated 02/09/13


2013 RR Results

Notes for all riders

1. This is a Category A National Event. You must have a current racing licence. Day licences cannot be issued (REG 7.1.1)

2. You must be signed on at least 20 min before the start of the race.

3. You will not be permitted to start unless you are wearing suitable head protection conforming to British Cycling standards.

4. Do not ride close to the nearside edge of the road because the surface has broken away in places.

5. Beware of wildfowl when crossing the reservoir.

6. No unauthorised following cars will be tolerated.

7. First Aid Service will be provided. Any riders needing hospital treatment will be taken to Colchester General Hospital, Turner Road, Colchester

(Tel: 01206 747474).

8. A Neutral Race Service Car will be provided. Please bring spare wheels for use by this vehicle.

9. Any riders climbing off of their own free will shall be deemed to have abandoned and will not be eligible for any awards.

10. Please obey all Race Marshals instructions where given.

11. Prize presentation will be at the Marks Tey Hotel, however there  will be a podium at the finish straight after the race for the top 3. 

All critical communication regarding the conduct and organisation of this Event should be made in writing within 48 hours of the finish to the Race
Organiser Nickie Schils London Rd Marks Tey, Colchester, CO6 1EB

Thanks to the Colchester Rovers & VC Revolution, to Mark Relf, Lord of Layer Breton the Sponsors  and to everyone that made this event possible

Please do not park on the green at the finishing straight!


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